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Yanks for the Memory

The American invasion of Hinckley and Burbage in 1944 – how the jitterbug and chewing gum hit the streets of Hinckley. Includes details about family ties forged in the crucible of war and commemorations to mark those ties.

Charlotte who?

The rags to riches story of the daughter of a Hinckley shopkeeper’s assistant who became a prolific romantic novelist in Victorian England. All is not what it seems in this story of triumph in adversity.

Put that light out – Hinckley in the Second World War

What did you do in the war? How Hinckley fared during the dark days of war. Includes the bombing of Merevale Avenue, Hinckley’s Dads Army, lucky escapes from enemy fire, rationing and how we kept calm and carried on.

Tin Hat and Tales

The legend of Hinckley’s tin hat and other curious tales and anecdotes from bygone Hinckley. An introduction to the “characters” of Hinckley such a “Kruger”, “Dobber” and “Bindy”.

From dodging bombs to dropping bombs

How the story of the flight of a refugee from Nazi persecution in Poland and the subsequent fight against the enemy came to light, as told by his son. A voyage of discovery in which previously held notions are challenged in the light of personal testimony.

Where is Uncle Jack sleeping tonight?

How a chance inheritance of an old letter and battered photograph led to a detective story following the footsteps of Private Jack Cassell, Royal Warwickshire Regiment, during the First World War. From Hinckley to Flanders fields and back, with a surprise ending.

Lest we forget

The story of the annual Poppy Appeal and how the idea came from America, in the first instance.

Tiptoe through the tombstones – Guided Walk around Hinckley Cemetery - £3.00 per person – 1.5 hours

Fright Night – Ghost Walk around Hinckley town centre - £3.00 per person – 1.5 hours

The speaker for the above talks is local historian, Greg Drozdz, who has been giving talks, walks and arranging exhibitions on behalf of the Museum since 1993. For details of all of the above contact Mr Drozdz on 01455 440103.

All talks last 40 minutes with a chance for questions and comments. All talks require a donation of £30 to Hinckley and District Museum [registered charity no. 1015922].